[arch-multilib] Gainining access to [multilib]

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Nov 8 04:08:22 EST 2013

Am 07.11.2013 22:24, schrieb Dicebot:
> Hello,
> I am maintainer for all packages related to D programming languge in
> [community]. There two packages in [multilib] though, which I don't
> have access to:
> lib32-libphobos
> lib32-libphobos-ldc
> There has been a compiler release recently and so these packages are
> out-of-date. To fix that (and adopt them), access to [multilib] is
> needed. Arch dev account is "Dicebot" and PGP public key used
> everywhere in Arch infrastructure should match one this mail is signed
> with.

You have multilib access on nymeria now.

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