[arch-ports] x86_64 port

syamajala at gamebox.net syamajala at gamebox.net
Thu Aug 4 21:39:52 EDT 2005

Well, its been more than 6 months since the port was started. I think  
a lot of good progress has been made. There are well over 650  
packages. I'm not really as organized as I could be, packages that I  
use have are top priority for me. So there is a mix of extra packages  
and current packages. Then I just do random packages. I would also  
like to migrate to gcc 4 and add 32bit support, or make it optional.  
It probably should not be optional because there are things like grub  
that need to be 32bit. Right now the grub package has been compiled  
on a 32bit system but it has been statically linked. There are also  
things like flash and opera. Cvsup needs to be fixed. The pacman  
issue that kth5 talked about needs to be fixed. Dorphell suggested  
that it might be a problem with the kernel. Also, one major request  
has been to support the intel 64bit chip. So when things are migrated  
to gcc 4 i would like to change the flags to support both cpu (intel  
64bit chip whatever it may be called and the amd64). All in all I  
think the future is bright for arch and its various ports!

- Seshu (syamajala) 

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