[arch-ports] x86_64 update

Seshu Yamajala syamajala at gamebox.net
Tue Aug 30 17:37:22 EDT 2005

ok, its been a while since i have actually done some work on the port. Today I grabbed the latest pkgbuilds from testing, current, extra, and started working on gcc 4. The packages will now support the emt64 and amd64 chips. I have also decided that 32bit support will be included in the base install. This make life much easier for me and anyone else who decides to help out. Many things like the ati drivers, grub, opera, and openoffice 1 will only work with 32bit "stuff" installed. Also i am gonna start a subversion repo soon and put pkgbuilds up. Xentac knows how i was doing things before. I had managed 2 dirs. one where development occured (packages were built there, pkgbuilds were edited...) and one where the final pkgbuild for the package was kept. It worked fine for me, but people weren't able to see the pkgbuilds or get them from me unless i put them on my web server. Since cvsup is still messed up on x86_64 i'm gonna go with subversion. I have no experience in these thi
 ngs (subversion, cvs, ...), so if i shouldn't use subversion or something please tell me. 

	- Seshu Yamajala (syamajala)

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