[arch-ports] Who's working on Arch64 packages?

ganja.guru ganja.guru at touchtelindia.net
Sat Dec 3 13:37:46 EST 2005

If you want to install arch64, just read the wiki at
http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch64_Install_page.. I'm not sure
if the ISO is updated though, so manually downloading the packages and
installing them is probably the best way to go for now. As for
stability, I'm running arch64 stable for a month now without any issues
whatsoever ( yes, nvidia drivers too). Flash doesn't work, so be
prepared to install the ultra useful flashblock extension ; )

I'll resume contributing once the server issues are sorted out. When I
last updated, I changed the initscripts so that at boot up you should
get "Arch Linux 64 0.7.1 'Noodle' " or something similar. syamajala
please let me know if you want to call it Arch Linux 64 0.1 or whatever
and ill modify it.

Great to see things finally picking up

Varun 'ganja_guru' Acharya

P.S - sorry about double posting, I chose the wrong SMTP ; )

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