[arch-ports] 64-bit performance aproach

Sergey Manucharyan sm at netsys.am
Wed Nov 9 10:15:40 EST 2005

Hi folks,

I enjoy using the "regular" Archlinux for 2 years on 3 machines.
I'd like to have the x86_64 flavor on my eMachines with Athlon64 CPU, and
I've tried a couple of other x86_64 linux distributions on it with no
performance improvement. Just recompiling applications for x86_64
architecture doesn't help - some things become even slower, for example,
video encoding.

Let's see what AMD suggests:
"ACML (AMD Core Math Library) is ... a 64-bit library that is designed to
fully exploit the large memory space and improved performance offered by
the latest AMD64 architectures. ACML is supported on both Linux and
Microsoft Windows operating systems."

What do think about this? Are there benchamrks available for Arch64
compared to 686 Archlinux?


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