[arch-ports] Who's working on Arch64 packages?

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 11:31:30 EST 2005

Hey all,

Now that Arch64 site and svn are up and running again, are we ready to
start packaging!? :-)  I'm curious to know who's working on packages
and who has accounts, etc. (If you don't have one, contact c14n for
one. If you want your name on the web page, contact him or me. We're
both pretty busy ATM, so please be patient).

I think it might also be useful to discuss who's working on what. We
don't have enough devs yet to assign specific people to specific
packages like the Arch core team does, and each of us has different
levels of experience (I, for example generally give up if I can't get
it to compile within a few tries and a half-assed google search for 64
bit patches.....).

We have two issues to address, maintaining existing packages and
adding new ones. maintainig packages isn't a big deal, whoever gets to
updating one first should be able to submit the svn and package before
anybody else wastes too much time on it. I guess if you have trouble
and are working on it it wouldn't hurt to let everybody know you're
trying to solve it so they can work on other stuff.

For building new packages, if there is one you are working on and
having trouble with, it probably pays to let others know to reduce
duplicate effort.

Lets also start a list of what needs to be worked on. Perhaps this
should be put in a wiki page so we can all maintain it:

Packages needing updating:

haven't had time to look

Packages needing contribution:
(these are some I personally need before I consider Arch64 my primary system):
OpenOffice 2

I've tried the last two and got errors that I haven't had time to
investigate. Is anybody working on oo? If not, I can try to do it, but
I'm not sure my packaging skills are up to snuff.

Any other ideas to help get rolling?


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