[arch-ports] Arch64

Mr Green mrgreen.linuxuser at virgin.net
Wed Nov 30 16:42:17 EST 2005


Any chance of having FAQ on Arch64 ? getting many requests from 
64bit'ers ....

Where is me svn password ? can some one mail me one so I can get 
building ;-)

I have given up on the idea of a mirror for Arch64, I'll just host 
packages/pkgbuilds I have built in case anyone wants them (let you know 
when & where soon!!)

Ok are we going to get a new kernel ?? initrd (why!!!) etc..

Is Arch64 going to tackle issues with libs 32/64 IA_64 x86_64 & so on .. 
? or can we come up with our own solution ;-)

May I suggest we use a name for Arch64 release , I know we are using 
Wombat atm but a 0.1 release <insert name here> let me know what you think

Anyway glad to see www.arch64.org up at last (thanks to c14n!)

Please anyone using a 64bit machine sing out we would love to hear from 
you (that includes Robot5x if your out there!)

Mr Green

Arch64 user

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