[arch-ports] x86_64 update

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 20:14:23 EDT 2005

Hey Seshu,

Since I pacman -Syu'd last night, the nvidia driver isn't working for
me. I don't have the error handy, but it was something about the GL
symlinks in /usr/lib already existing or something. I tried unlinking
them, but got the same error.... is this an 'expected' error or is it
something unusual to my setup?

Also, xorg seems to work (under twm), but pekwm isn't loading. I'll
try recompiling it when I get a moment.

I've recompiled a couple libs and got gaim to compile. I haven't
tested it because of the nvidia/xorg issues + not having time, but
would you like me to put these packages somewhere? What does it take
to do this -- svn the PKGBUILD and binary somewhere and you take care
of generating the db?

On 10/11/05, seshu yamajala <syamajala at gamebox.net> wrote:
> Things seem to be going well. I have started recompiling a lot of the
> packages and have also started working on gnome 2.12. the install
> base has grown to the whopping number of 4 (that i know about)!
> Vitorlima has compiled many packages and has started uploading some
> of them. More later...
> - Seshu Yamajala (syamajala)
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