[arch-ports] x86_64 update

seshu yamajala syamajala at gamebox.net
Tue Oct 11 20:46:31 EDT 2005

On Oct 11, 2005, at 8:14 PM, Dusty Phillips wrote:

> Hey Seshu,
> Since I pacman -Syu'd last night, the nvidia driver isn't working for
> me. I don't have the error handy, but it was something about the GL
> symlinks in /usr/lib already existing or something. I tried unlinking
> them, but got the same error.... is this an 'expected' error or is it
> something unusual to my setup?

Well, that wasn't supposed to happen. I plan on rebuilding xorg and  
the nvidia driver soon anyway. I am pretty sure that the nvidia  
driver package isn't fully working because when i first built it i  
had trouble compiling cairo and had to copy some files from the pkg  
dir to /lib,

> Also, xorg seems to work (under twm), but pekwm isn't loading. I'll
> try recompiling it when I get a moment.

i think pekwm might need to be recompiled i'll look into it.

> I've recompiled a couple libs and got gaim to compile. I haven't
> tested it because of the nvidia/xorg issues + not having time, but
> would you like me to put these packages somewhere? What does it take
> to do this -- svn the PKGBUILD and binary somewhere and you take care
> of generating the db?
> Dusty

i'll make you an account and im you with the info!

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