[arch-ports] [ppc] New Developer & More News

Alexander Baldeck aba at disipos.de
Wed Oct 12 05:20:27 EDT 2005

Hey List,

still didn't make it to announce a few things on the Archlinux PPC Port 
since a long struggle with bash/autotools in
flac and many other things all around Archlinux/PPC as well as real 
live.  Now I have some time and here goes:

1) New Developer

I'd like to welcome Mauricio Bahamonde (aka elkrammer) as - probably the 
first - developer other than me! *applause*
He's going to manage extra and already started to show progress, can't 
wait to see the first bigger DE make it into
Archlinux/PPC other than KDE. Which takes me to the next...

2) KDE 3.5-beta1 for PPC

elkrammer was so kind to provide a custom compiled repository with 
packages for KDE 3.5-beta1. From what I can tell
it works at least as stable as the 3.4 series. It is available from here:

Server = http://archppc.kleiner-weise.de/archlinux/kde3.5-beta1/os/ppc/

3) New Website

A simple website for Archlinux/PPC has been released by elkrammer as 
well. *applause*


Suggestions can be sent either to him or me as we both will take of 
things. If you read the workguidelines-section feel free to make 
comments, suggestions or critize it. :-)

4) libtoolslay and GCC4 migration mostly done

I have almost completed the work on a GCC4 powered current/ in testing/. 
Only a few packages are missing and I intend to move it to current along 
with the release of the installer. I have a alpha which needs heavy 
testing at home
so expect soemthing soon.

That's all for today, hope to see some more people on the channel rather 
sooner than later. ;)



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