[arch-ports] Arch64 package release variable

seshu yamajala syamajala at gamebox.net
Wed Oct 12 19:37:21 EDT 2005

On Oct 12, 2005, at 2:16 PM, Dusty Phillips wrote:

> Hey,
> Two things, first Seshu, I can't seem to authenticate to SVN -- I can
> log in with ssh (public key still not working, but that's not
> important), but svn rejects the same password as I use for ssh.

im me about the problem and we'll figure it out

> Second, how do we address the pkgrel variables in arch64 packages? Do
> they borrow from the 32 bit rel, or should we start over from 1? For
> example, if I add a package that I copied the PKGBUILD from 32 bit
> current, and it is at pkgrel 5, do I put it in at pkgrel 5, or pkgrel
> 1? I'm gessing 1.

i've just been leaving the numbers as they are. sometimes if there is  
a new version of some program or something available and the old one  
isn't compiling i'll give the new version a try, but other than that  
i just stick to the same numbers

> Oh, a third thing, now that I'm here.... putting compiled binaries in
> the httpd directory, are we supposed to remove previous versions of
> the binary, or does that get done automatically with some script?

you have to delete the old version. xentac also gave me a few things  
to make regenerating the dbs easier. a patched gensync so you don't  
need the pkgbuilds and just the packages. also i got a script for  
syncing with svn, its supposed to be like abs it uses wget to sync  
get the latest pkgbuilds from the svn repo. i'll build a new pacman  
package with the changes soon...

also forgot to mention i recompiled pekwm today and it worked fine  
for me. still haven't recompiled xorg or the nvidia driver, i've been  
trying to get orbit2 to work.

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