[arch-ports] x86_64 update

seshu yamajala syamajala at gamebox.net
Fri Sep 2 21:41:23 EDT 2005

Ok, so the motherboard for my web server needs to go back to msi. I  
just decided to swap out the motherboard. Since i have 2 other  
motherboards that are the exact the same thing. I also decided to  
update the packages on my web server to the newly compiled stuff, so  
i reformatted. The subversion repo is up its a very very rough import  
of the pkgbuilds and i probably imported more pkgbuilds than i needed  
to but i figured i can always clean it up later. Right now only the  
pkgbuilds for current are in there. I really need to learn some bash  
scripting so i can clean up my abs tree. I'm also gonna rewrite my  
site and i'm hoping to implement something like what is on the arch  
site. Should be fun!

Here is the link: http://genesis.blogdns.net/svn/Arch64

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