[arch-ports] Ports community meetings

Dieter Rethmeyer Dieter at Rethmeyers.de
Tue Feb 7 14:48:37 EST 2006

That's 19:00 (7 pm) in Central Europe, isn't it?

I'm interested in participating to improve arch_64 (e. g. contributing 
packages, perhaps maintaining packages), but couldn't make that date and 
time. May I ask you to send the results of the meeting to the list?

Thanks, dieter__

Jason Chu schrieb am 07.02.2006 00:10:
> I was talking online with the arch64 guys and we all thought it would
> be a good idea to have a meeting about official support for ports in
> archlinux.
> There are a few things that need to happen in the development process
> of arch for full support to exist, but with things like pacbuild
> released everything is a lot closer.
> I would like to get everyone together who is working on porting
> archlinux to different architectures (x86_64, ppc, ... anyone else?
> c64? ;) ) to talk about what I had planned on doing, what has been done,
> what you all need, etc.
> Is everyone available for an irc meeting on Feb 19, 2006 at 10:00 am
> PST?
> Jason
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