[arch-ports] archlinuxppc: bug with xorg7 in TESTING

Alexander Baldeck aba at disipos.de
Wed Jan 4 05:17:10 EST 2006

Benoit Chesneau wrote:

>There are currently 2 bugs while installing xorg. The first one is
>critical :
>Bugs : 
>1) /etc/x11 isn't created at install. Or is there any possibility to
>recreate it by hand at the end of install ?
This directory seems to be obsolete, my xorg.conf is in /etc now and it 
my X desktop works just like before. Yes, /etc/X11 is missing on my 
system as well.

>2) Problem xorg-fonts-misc package :
>/var/lib/pacman/local.xorg-fonts-misc-1.0.0-1/install: line 3:
>usr/bin/fc-cache: Nos such file or directory
>This package doesn't depend on fontconfig or xorg-server. So fontconfig
>is installed after.
I added fontconfig as a dependendy to font-util, this should fix the 
install of all xorg-fonts-* packages that properly depend on font-util. 
Thanks for the short report. ;)



Ps: Things will start to get (very) busy for me from today on, first day 
at the office this year.

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