[arch-ports] New packages and /lib, upgrade system failed

Robert Stefaniuk rstefaniuk at ippt.gov.pl
Wed Jul 5 07:21:58 EDT 2006

I installed arch64 from bootable iso and then upgraded whole system with
packages from archlinux.org.
During update kernel it started complaining:
"cannod load shared object - no such file" about libraries:
libblkid.so.1 and libreadline.so.5
Then later on the system freezed. I rebooted, and I couldn't boot with
arch kernel ( pacman didn't make proper image yet ), my own kernel too
( after initrd removal: kernel panic - not sync - cannot find init - try
"init=" parametrer ) and of course my own kernel started be
I see that libraries are divided between /lib and /lib64 dirs and /lib64
contains missing two: libblkid.so.1 and libreadline.so.5
So maybe you have suggestions what to do now or before ;)
Best regards, thanks to the devs


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