[arch-ports] New packages and /lib, upgrade system failed

Arnaud Fortier arnaud.fortier at free.fr
Wed Jul 5 20:04:07 EDT 2006

I reply to myself :P
Xentac just updated the repo so FTP install should now works. Just 
choose ftp.archlinux.org then /current/os/x86_64 and you'll be able to 
have a fully up to date arch64 !
Good night ;)


Arnaud Fortier a écrit :
> It's kind of working now, since the last update on ftp.archlinux.org, 
> there is a current/os/x86_64/setup/ directory, it only misses 
> pacman.pkg.tar.gz. I have a mirror here and I just upload 
> ftp://xentac.net/amd64/current/setup/pacman.pkg.tar.gz into that dir and 
> FTP install works like a charm.
> Maybe a solution.
> Greetings
> Warnaud

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