[arch-ports] How to add a machine to the compil farm ?

slubman slubman at slubman.net
Wed Jul 12 13:10:10 EDT 2006

> Now that the x86_64 port is official we want to make it as good as
> ArchLinux (i686). You may have noticed that I'm doing most time a
> one-man-job. And that's now too much work for one person to keep all
> packages up to date in an acceptable time.
> Great news: i686 devs and also TUs want to help us. They offer their
> time to build the packages they maintain for a second time.
> What we need: a build farm running several machines Arch64.
> We will use pacbuild. The great distributed package building tool from
> Xentac. Read here more about it:
> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacbuild and
> http://xentac.net/~jchu/blog/static/pacbuild
> i686 package maintainers and TrustedUsers will get accounts to sent
> pkgbuilds to the farm. The main server will send it further to a pc
> running the local build daemon. The more pcs we have running Arch64 with
> pacbuild daemon the lower the load will be.
> Who can offer his pc for running the pacbuild daemon? What you need:
> just a clean(!) Arch64 installation for correct linking. So there should
> be only official packages from current/extra and later community on it.
> A separate system would be nice but is not a must.
> Don't be afraid. There's no need to have a ssh deamon running. The
> system should be online most time. 24/7 up would be great.
> I will also offer one or two systems. We will test the
> configuration.
> It would be great to have more systems later running the build daemon so
> the nice load would get much lower.
> So who will join the packaging party?
> AndyRTR


I wan't to add my arch64 to the "farm". Do i have to send the mail to the guy 
in the wiki, or is someone else responsible for the arch64 port ?

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