[arch-ports] [archppc] Kernel 2.6.17 Progress

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Wed Jul 12 14:54:48 EDT 2006

Alexander Baldeck wrote:
> James Turner wrote:
>> I was just wondering how the 2.6.17 kernel progress was going.  I'm 
>> very excited to finally have Airport Extreme support right in the kernel.
> 2.6.17 is in testing right now and is in the making already.  
> kernel-headers, glibc 2.4 and gcc 4.1.1 were just too much to test at 
> once for just one guy - me - alone, so i put them in testing rather than 
> current. ;) Have fun with kernel26-pmac in testing, if you find issues 
> lemme know.
> Cheers!
> Alex
2.6.17 along with gcc 4.1.1, glibc 2.4 and all the rest of testing have 
been moved down to current/extra. You should be able to get the kernel 
without too much risk... well, you know what I mean. ;)

In any case, as I hear some locals running arch on ppc reporting to me, 
the Airport Extreme card does not quite work stable yet. There's a few 
hickups it causes every now and then. For example never try to drive it 
at any more than 11Mbit/s or it may freeze your machine sooner or later.



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