[arch-ports] Arch64 - call for a website maintainer

Moritz Alexander Esser moritz.esser at gmx.de
Thu Mar 2 14:15:44 EST 2006

What do you think about the PPC website? I like it's simplicity!


Judd Vinet wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 11:29:46AM -0500, Dusty Phillips wrote:
>> I don't think its a good idea. Have you looked at the sources for the
>> existing page?  Its got crazy spans, tables, hard to read, I don't
>> know how Judd manages to maintain it. :-D I think its actually time
>> for the main archlinux.org site to be rewritten in nice clean XHTML
>> 1.0 and CSS...
> That would super duper.  (yea that's right, I said "super duper")
> The arch page was originally slapped together for me back in 2002 (or
> was it 2003?) by a fellow co-worker who had more free time than I.  If
> someone were inclined to re-design the thing, I'd be a happy geek.  The
> PHP portions should be re-coded too, perhaps in a proper framework.
> They're all pretty adhoc right now, and it's ugly.
> - J
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