[arch-ports] PKGBUILD and package release thoughts

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Fri Mar 10 18:05:06 EST 2006

Jason Chu schrieb:
> We also add support to makepkg for a couple more variables.  Let's call
> them pkgrel_i686, pkgrel_amd64, etc.  If one of these variables exists,
> makepkg (and gensync, and updatesync...) will us that pkgrel for the
> architecture, instead of the pkgrel.
> What this lets us do is something like this:
> Package foo is at version 1.2.3-1.  A change that only affects i686
> happens, so the package maintainer makes the changes (marking them with
> [ "$CARCH" = "i686" ] && ), updates the pkgrel to 2, and sets pkgrel_i686=2
> and leaves all the other variables (pkgrel_amd64, etc) set to 1.
> When you build the package on i686, it comes out as 1.2.3-2.  If you build
> it on any of the other listed architectures, it comes out as 1.2.3-1.
> This does mean that if there's a release for all architectures, it becomes
> -3 everywhere and amd64 users see a jump from -1 to -3.  We already have a
> similar situation with the testing repo.
Do we really need more variables? Why not leave only one pkgrel number
e.g. foo 1.0-1.
If the x86_64 bit package needs a fix we would build only a 1.0-2 on
x86_64 and
let out not affected architectures. Next common release would be 1.0-3 for
all archs.

Is it possible that way?

And maybe you should start in another mail the svn/cvs war again ;-)


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