[arch-ports] Arch64 installation and xfce4 icons

Michael Krauss michael.krauss at gmx.de
Fri Mar 17 15:37:45 EST 2006

Hi to all,

hopefully this is the right mailing list for problems and
annotations on arch64, if not, you can put me into your kill file.


When I have installed Arch64 on my AMD64, I had some prolbems:

1. I tried to install with the arch64 7.1 Beta 6 CD.
   Partitioning worked well and the packages had been installed,
   but I was naot able to boot, because the was no initrd26.img
   just a diag1.img that didn't work.

2. Then I tried the arch64 7.0 CD, but this didn't work either.
   Unfortunately there is no wget at the CD, so one can't use
   it to install by hand.

3. Now I used a gentoo Live CD, which has wget on board, and did
   the installation following:
   Beside of some inconsistent paths the installation worked very
   well, until the pacman.static command.
   I don't know, what is ment with "I've only mentioned base
   packages", but pacman want to install quite many packages.
   Is abiword a base package?
   Some packages like tin and wvstreams have unsolved
   dependencies, while others exclude each other, like

   pcmcia-cs <---> pcmciautils,
   udev <---> hotplug,
   xf86...unicrome <---> xf86...via,
   font...ethiopic <---> font...meltho.

   After deleting the packages on the right side, pacman was able
   to install the rest.

   The rest of the installation worked well and arch boots to
   console login.

XFCE4 icons:

After installing xfce4, include /opt/xfce4/bin in $PATH and 
put 'exec startxfce4' into .xinitrc, xfce4 works fine. But
there are no icons in the panel. The buttons are there and work,
but they are grey like the background. The same problem in firefox
and epiphany. At the login console I get the following message 
many times:

GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: cannot open pixbuf loader module file
'/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders': No such file or directory

Maybe this is a bug, but I can't write a bug report to flyspray


so I dropped it here. Maybe that's the reason, why it's still empty
;-) I hope, not wasted too much of your time.

<put a closing here, when i find one>
Michael Krauss


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