[arch-ports] [archlinux ppc] Scripts

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Tue Nov 7 11:06:46 EST 2006

Marco Pensallorto wrote:
> 2006/11/7, Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de 
> <mailto:pierre at archlinux.de>>:
>     Am Dienstag, 7. November 2006 16:20 schrieb Alexander Baldeck:
>      > It's simply not implemented, cvsup doesn't work on non-x86 because of
> [CUT]
>     But abs can run with csup instead of cvsup. This works for x86_64;
>     so chances
>     are that it might work for ppc, too.
> In fact it does. A simple symlink has solved  the problem. I use abs 
> from the x86  archlinux and already had

You could just have used CVS. But yeah, need to put that on the site. :)

> a lot of packages compile smoothly out-of-the-box from the x86 abs tree 
> (i.e. the _entire_ gnome tree plus any conceivable extras :) Others 
> compile and work with minor modifications of PKGBUILD. That is why I 
> don't really see the reason to diverge significantly from the i686 distro.
> Hope to get a working binary repo of all these packages in the next few 
> days.

Err, that's nothing to do with the abs script not working right? Since 
we have Gnome 2.14 in extra and 2.16.1 in testing you shouldn't have had 
to compile those.

Yes, we hardly modify stuff. In 90% of all cases it just plain works. 
Some things are handcrafted though, such as the kernels (of course heh) 
and CPU dependent things like mplayer are not compiled in the same way 
necessarily cos since we orient on G3 and not G4 have to disable Altivec 
and put on some special G3+ flags.

> About the fam script, please take a closer look at it and you'll easily 
> realize that is plainly wrong. And that package is in current, so I 
> guess nobody noticed the error. I'm pretty sure the i686 version never 
> had that bug :)
> Still don't have any clue about the kernel issue. I was forced to 
> include static xfs support in order to have root mounted properly and 
> boot the system. I did the mkinitcpio myself at least five times and I'm 
> pretty sure xfs support was included but still... kernel panic'ed. That 
> could be a minor issue but I'd like to get it work just right :)

In fact it had:




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