[arch-ports] [PPC] Proposal to put ADBSYN patch in Kernel26-pmac

Matthew William Cox matt at mattcox.ca
Thu Apr 26 01:14:59 EDT 2007

I propose to include this patch in the stock archppc kernel.


It allows users of powerbooks who have a synaptics trackpad (all of them) that's connected through ADB (all those prior to the two-finger-scoll variety) to use the full features of the trackpad.

Specifically it allows the use of the synaptics xorg input driver.

I've been using this patch on top of the arch pmac kernel for about a week now. The synaptics driver works perfectly with it.


This discusses why the patch hasn't gone into the mainline kernel. Once the trackpad is in absolute mode, the kernel continues to provide ps2 mouse emulation through /dev/input/mice. I've confirmed that this works, although obviously it's much less capable than when using the synaptics driver.

Some features available only through the synaptics features are corner-tapping for clicking mouse buttons 1-N and edge scrolling, and tap-and-drag. These would benefit anybody with an ADB trackpad.

Matthew Cox
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