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Harley Laue losinggeneration at aim.com
Sun Apr 29 17:28:30 EDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 17:35 +0200, Alexander Baldeck wrote:

> Harley Laue wrote:
> > get enough money this summer I'll get some kind of faster PowerPC than my
> > slow little Gamecube.
> >   
> I would like to enable my gamecube to run Linux as well but it seems I 
> cannot come up with a broadband adaptor. Any recommendations where to 
> get one?
> Cheers,

If your local game stores don't have one, you might be stuck with on online store/auction (like  Dale Blount said http://store.nintendo.com will be a sure way to find one.) I was lucky enough to be able to go to a GameStop and just pick one up.

You should be aware that the Gamecube isn't exactly a real practical
system to run a full distro like Arch on. I really did it as an
experiment to see if a distro would run on it. The lack of Ram is a very
limiting factor for running much of an OS on the Gamecube. It can be fun
and a way to expriment if you don't have many computers networked
together. For instance, I ran XFCE over ssh tunneling for the first time
on my 'cube. It was the first non-ix86 kernel I built and booted. Now
that I think about it, I've had lots of firsts with running Linux on my
'cube. It's definately worthwhile if you like to play with and
expirement with what Linux can do.

Once you get a bba for your 'cube and can boot homebrew code (which
includes Linux) you may want to check out the tutrials on
www.gc-linux.org on how to set up a cross compiler and distcc. You'll
need the cross compiler to build the kernel,and distcc is a must if you
plan on compiling anything on your 'cube. While compiling a reasonably
sized C++ program, the 'cube will become very unresponsive.

I just thought this would be worth mentioning, and hope this helps.
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