[arch-ports] alunn port for ppc

gianluca mazza homen3 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 19:46:18 EDT 2007

gianluca mazza wrote:
> do you think is possible to make a port of this tool for PPC arch?
> alunn <http://nedrebo.org/kode/alunn>
Ok, I tryed to install it, I only changed in source the feed rss with my 
country archlinux feed. (we haven't feeds for archppc?)
This app automatic search from pacman  mirrors, so it's not necessary to 
modify them.
I've this error when I try to launch it:
[gianluca at ArchPowePC ~]$ alunn
[2007-07-07 01:40] [WARNING] System is not able to show notifications.
[2007-07-07 01:40] ALUNN starting, first run in 5 min.

It's ok I think, but there is no notify.
An other question: how can you build a package for binary install from 
source? I wanna try to compile some program to share.

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