[arch-ports] New in ArchPPC and some problem

Markus Wolf n4rc0s at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 03:40:45 EDT 2007

2007/7/23, sacarde <sacarde at tiscali.it>:
> ciao,
>    come va il porting di arch su ppc ?

This is not a local mailing list, so pls write in english. Anyway, to
anwser your question, arch on ppc is great! I've been running it on my
iBook in the last year and it gets better and better every day. I
definitely got rid of MAC OS X. While still not as complete as the
i686 version, it's still fairly complete. And of course you can use
AUR (works ok 99.9% of the times) to build packages not present in
repositories. A great "thank you" to every dev involved in the



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