[arch-ports] New in ArchPPC and some problem

Matthew William Cox matt at mattcox.ca
Tue Jul 24 04:51:01 EDT 2007


I'll just clarify what's going on here, Alexander's responses were a
little terse.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2007 at 10:18:52AM +0200, Alexander Baldeck wrote:
> sacarde wrote:
> > 
> > I have this problems yet:
> > 
> > printer
> not ppc specific
> > kde-audio
> likewise

The problems you're having here are not PPC specific. You'll find it
more productive to ask on the CUPS and KDE mailing lists, respectively.
There you'll find people knowledgeable about those systems who can help
you troubleshoot things.

> > skype
> does not exist for ppc for it is a binary blob
> > flash
> does not exist for ppc for it is a binary blob, gnash is the only more 
> or less decent alternative
> > opera
> binary blob and thus unfixable, we are considering to drop it completely

Binary blobs are non-Free software that is not distributed in source
form. In the case of skype and flash, the developers have decided not to
support PPC/linux. You will not be able to use these programs on any
distribution of linux on PPC hardware. (At least, not until somebody
reverse engineers them to a useful point. See Gnash, which is a
work-in-progress Gnu Flash engine.) You'll need to go to Mac OS X, which
the manufacturers do support.

In the case of Opera, binaries are provided by Opera. Any problems with
that binary cannot be fixed by the ArchPPC team, or any distro for that
matter, becaue Opera provides them in a form which is impractical to
fix. If you really, really need opera, you're out of luck. Find out what
distro Opera builds their PPC binaries against, and try that. Or run Mac
OS X. Or just use firefox.


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