[arch-ports] going to start a new ArchLinux?

Calorì Alessandro axelgenus at gmail.com
Wed May 9 12:37:55 EDT 2007

Il giorno Wed, 9 May 2007 17:08:24 +0300
"Roman Kyrylych" <roman.kyrylych at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> To become TU you need only to post short introduction message to
> tur-users ML. The procedure of becoming a TU is not that hard, really
> (though, I must confess I was a bit scary to write my
> introduction :-) ) BTW, what's your AUR login?

I'm an Arch user from just about 1 month and an Arch64 user from
two weeks but I'm a linux user since 2004... my nick in AUR is

However, I read the "requisites" to be a TU and they are somewhat
discouraging... I mean:

1) maintain packages on community repo, yes of course but what
packages? The best and more useful packages are owned by TUs... Now I'm
writing a PKGBUILD for Neverwinter Nights' linux client but how many
people will find it useful? It needs to download about 1GB from the
bioware server (client + game resources).

2) be well regarded by the comunity... ok, that's obvious but how can I
achieve this? I've been a Gentoo user for 2 years and I can't remember
just one nick of the people who helped me on the forums... I hope
italian users like me find the translations I'm going to do on the wiki

3) be prepared to stay six months in the TU position... I've never made
such long-term programs! If I become a TU is because I wanted to... why
should I be forced to stay in TU position?

> That could be also archieved by offloading many uncommon packages to
> Community repo.

That's a great idea but I would like the package in community repo to
be assigned both to the maintainer and the contributor. Example: I
write the PKGBUILD for the program "foo"; if it's moved to community I
can't continue to maintain the package because I'm not a TU. This
only adds more work to TUs!

> On the other hand it would be very good if some existent TUs become
> devs (and give out their packages and switched to maintaining official
> repos only, to reduce workload).

I don't actually know how are devs and TU organized yet but I can
suggest you one thing: as I said before it would be very useful if a
contributor can maintain a package after it's added to the community
repo. The maintainer should only watch over some contributors revising their work.

However: why packages are builded manually? Can't they be builded
automatically on some dedicated servers (at least one for each arch).

> ESD + Gnome always worked fine to me

Lucky man!

> I didn't understand what you meant here, Andy (about distro).

I guess he want to split Arch64 from Arch to another separate distro.

Bye, Alessandro.

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