[arch-ports] error in vlc 0.8.6c-1

Armin Luntzer armin at archlinuxppc.org
Mon Feb 4 08:29:29 EST 2008

I was unable to reproduce the vlc bug you described with the xorg
version in [extra]. The new xorg stuff is now in [testing], you might
want to try it.

- Armin

Am Montag, den 04.02.2008, 11:49 +0100 schrieb sacarde:
> > That version shouldn't have this bug. The BadAlloc message is also what you
> > get when you have XV available, but not enough video memory to perform the
> > XV operation you're trying to do. I've seen this often on a Matrox G450
> > with 16MB memory using 1280x1024x32 with DRI enabled, which eats all
> > available memory for framebuffer and DRI, leaving nothing for XV.
> I have Radeon 9200
> kaffeine plays video dvd perfectly
> this is my xorg.conf
> http://www.nopaste.org/p/aoxi9K7iA

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