[arch-ports] Any major non-64-bit s/w?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Thu Jun 19 15:51:33 EDT 2008

Thanks much for the quick response, Jakub.

Jakub Schmidtke wrote:
> David Rosenstrauch wrote:
>> Just wondering though if there's still any major packages that aren't
>> available in 64bit that might make me want to rethink this decision.
>> The only package I'm aware of that I use frequently and is not available
>> in 64-bit is flashplugin.
>> 1) Anyone aware of any other notable exceptions?
> Also official java plugin. There are some ways to get java in 64b, like gcj,
> or icedtea packages though.

?  I don't understand.  Both the jre and jdk packages are available in 
64-bit.  Are you saying that they work, but that the browser plugin that 
comes with them does not?  That'd be annoying for me, but not 
catastrophic.  Any workaround that you know of?

> I also tried to get OSS4 running, but adding alsa emulation PLUS combination
> of OSS4 and alsa emulation for 32 bit apps was too much mess ;)

Never even heard of oss4, so no issue for me.

>> 2) Is there any workaround to be able to use the 32-bit flashplugin with
>> firefox?
> Yes, nspluginwrapper and nspluginwrapper-flash from AUR. I also got flash 10
> beta running with nspluginwrapper without any problems.
> There are some issues though, like heavy CPU usage sometimes.

Hmmm ... this might not be such a big issue then.  I don't use flash 
that often (especially on my server box; I only really use it as a 
desktop occasionally) so as long as it *mostly* works, I should be OK.

Is that really the only major outstanding issues?  If so, I should be in 
good shape.



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