[arch-ports] Any major non-64-bit s/w?

Jakub Schmidtke sjakub at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 17:53:52 EDT 2008

David Rosenstrauch wrote:

> ?  I don't understand.  Both the jre and jdk packages are available in
> 64-bit.  Are you saying that they work, but that the browser plugin that
> comes with them does not?  That'd be annoying for me, but not
> catastrophic.  Any workaround that you know of?

64bit JRE/JDK doesn't include browser plugin at all.
This is 5 year old bug/feature request now:

The workaround is not to use official Sun's JRE/JDK :)

> Hmmm ... this might not be such a big issue then.  I don't use flash
> that often (especially on my server box; I only really use it as a
> desktop occasionally) so as long as it *mostly* works, I should be OK.

It works fine.

> Is that really the only major outstanding issues?  If so, I should be in
> good shape.

I haven't run into anything else (or I don't remember) :)

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