[arch-ports] G5?

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Mon Jun 30 07:12:26 EDT 2008

mc wrote:
> Op Monday 23 June 2008 09:25:04 schreef Steven DuBois:
>> I installed Arch on my x86 Desktop and my macbook and i love it. I
>> attempted to install Debian on my G5 PowerMac but had no luck (yaboot
>> problems). What I would like to know is how well does Arch work on a G5,
>> does anyone here use it on a regular basis, and what are the challenges to
>> installing it. Eventually, I would like to stop using OS X.
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> Arch PPC is 32 bit only, so it does NOT work on a G5.I have Debian running on 
> an Imac G5 and it installed without the slightest problem (it is a Debian 
> only machine).
> There have been more posts, with possible solutions, on this topic so a search 
> for G5 or Apple 64 bit in the forum could help. 

Actually it does, it most probably would require to build a 64bit kernel 
with 32bit emulation enabled. I have no idea how yaboot would fail on a 
G5 as I don't have any.

I can say this much though, archppc works just fine on my ps3 with a 
powerpc64 kernel, although I wouldn't recommend running it if you expect 



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