[arch-ports] Bob Update

Zac Brown zac at zacbrown.org
Tue May 6 10:35:22 EDT 2008

Hi Klette:

Pretty much Bob was the build machine for about 5 months til the lab I work in 
upgraded to Mac OS X Leopard for the routing machine. Since then I've had a 
helluva time getting NAT + port forwarding working so Bob's connection future 
remains a mystery til I figure out whats going on.

A build machine like that would be helpful :). See what Armin and Alex say, I 
think we'd all be happy. I haven't been able to build at all since Bob went 
down. Mainly because I have no where to set him up to work by myself.


Kristian Klette wrote:
> I've been out of the arch-ports-world for a while, so what is BOB's
> responsibilities? Build-bot?
> I have a Powerbook G4 with a gig of ram i could put on a 100Mbit connection
> here in Trondheim (Norway) if it would help. Its just laying around gathering
> dust anyway :)
> - Klette

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