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Sun Apr 2 06:25:08 UTC 2017

On 30.03.2017 21:28, Alexi Funkner wrote:
> On 03/30/2017 02:00 PM, arch-ports-request at archlinux.org wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> in case you want to upgrade your i686 system to a x86 one, there are
>>> usually migration instruction on arch compatible websites. For example
>>> this one is how to move from arch gnu/linux x86 to a completely free
>>> distribution called parabola.
>>> https://wiki.parabola.nu/Migration_from_the_GNU/Linux_distribution_of_Arch
>>> moving to other architectures (for example i686 to x86, since ARM would
>>> not make any sense) is completely analogous.
>>> I really hope that I got your question right, and was able to help.
>>> Best
>>> Alex
>> So there are three problems here. The first is top-posting, please
>> avoid it in the future.
>> The second is the thinly-veiled distro sniping. Honestly, I would have let it go were it anything but Parabola.
>> Because what you're then doing is the third problem, encouraging them to go to a migration
>> page which reads thusly:
>> Step 1: Change your mirrors
>> Step 2: Replace your repos and packages
>> Step 3: Update your bootloader
>> Step 4: Congratulations, you're screwed because we didn't mention until
>> the post-installation blurb that you now have a free system without
>> non-free firmware and drivers and some of your hardware may now be
>> broken! Step 4 is to go out and buy a new wifi dongle and/or video card.
>> Libre distros are fine. This seems pretty ill-advised.
> Hello,
> What about inline? And why is bottom-posting better than top-posting?
> I supplied the link, because it documented well how to migrate to
> another arch like distribution, without booting a live medium, and going
> through installation once again. It intended to be a guideline, rather
> than a clear instruction what steps to follow. Line 10 of my reply
> should have made it clear.
>> Congratulations, you're screwed
> Are we on 4chan here or something?
>> some of you hardware may now be broken!
> You don't believe this yourself, do you?
> What's the third problem?
> Kind regards
> Alexi


The main issue I have with this is you posting third-party links when
archwiki already has an article which covers migrating:


This is a list for and about Arch Linux, not one of it's derivates.
And to solve the problem there is no need to switch to another distro.

Especially without explicit warning about possible downsides,
like incompatible Hardware in this case.

Don't misunderstand:
I've got no problem with that or any particular distro,
the idea it represents is good,
but everyone should be free to decide for themselves if they want it
and if their commitment to Stallman's ideas is strong enough to accept
any possible downsides (which should be known beforehand!).

Additionally you should also consider, that
if someone does the switch without having heard of the downsides and the
hardware does not work anymore, it will present that distro in a bad
light... You probably don't want that.

About top-posting:
The reason is simple, there is a rule for Arch's mailing lists:


Other lists may have other rules, but this one has those.
So please respect that and adhere to them.

If you want to discuss them, go to arch-general.
Here's not the place for that.



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