[arch-ports] archlinux32 i586 support

Erich Eckner arch at eckner.net
Thu Aug 3 09:37:59 UTC 2017

Hi Alastair,

we are currently concentrating on getting i686 running, but I was
thinking of building for "lower" architectures in the future, too.

The autobuilder infrastructure builds on x86_64 hardware inside i686
setarch/chroot containers. I'm not 100% confident, that we can easily
switch to i586, because you need to start from something.

If you have some experience yourself, it would be great if you could try
out some approaches and report back about success/failure, or even
better: patch devtools32 to support i586 (or i486/i386) builds


P.S.: Sry Alastair for the duplicate email, but I forgot to send the
first one to the mailing list, too :-/

On 03.08.2017 03:32, Alastair Hughes wrote:
> I have an old i586 laptop that I'd be keen to try an Arch variant on - I'd be curious if a modern Arch actually runs well on a machine with such limited resources.
> It looks like the archlinux32 packages are i686 only at the moment - is there any interest in supporting i586 as well? Is the autobuilder infrastructure set up to bootstrap from x86_64, or are you just building off the older i686 releases?
> Regards,
> Alastair Hughes
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