[arch-ports] [i686] Next steps

Erich Eckner arch at eckner.net
Wed Feb 1 13:58:12 UTC 2017

Hi list,

I'd propose the following steps - open for discussion and as you might
notice more vague towards the end:

- choose a name (my suggestion: archlinux32)
- set up / use some git hosting (e.g. github) for maintenance of
build-system, website, package-source-trees (there are two from
archlinux.org: svntogit/community.git and svntogit/packages.git?),
possibly our own packages (e.g. archlinux32-keyring?)
- clone, understand and modify archlinuxarm's plugbuild (does this have
some sort of documentation? - sry, I'm quite new to perl)

- set up build-clients (do they need to run i486/i586/i686 or can we
cross compile from x86_64?)
- compile, install, test packages
- keep this up in parallel to official archlinux.org's i686 (so we have
a sane benchmark and/or fallback)

- hopefully change nothing but references in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist on
production systems ;-)

As Bartłomiej pointed out, it would be nice to have i486 and i586
supported, too (*yay*, I finally can run arch on my router!). This
shouldn't be a big deal if we really use archlinuxarm's plugbuild - they
support compiling for multiple different architectures anyway.

One thing I have no clue of, is how the isos are created. But probably
it's straight forward if we have some system running on archlinux32 and
installed "archiso".


On 30.01.2017 23:42, Bartłomiej Piotrowski wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> sorry for writing so late but there is limit of things I can accomplish
> every day and that list always includes some cat pictures.
> As you are most likely aware, I recently announced the deprecation of
> i686 support. However I would like this to turn out into a second tier
> architecture.
> I can imagine that there is no need for huge team of packagers; as i686
> isn't very different from x86_64, it will be mostly "catch up" game
> against base distribution (Arch). ARM team already did this work[1] so
> it's mostly about setting it up with few build servers. ARM port also
> maintains a separate git repository with modified PKGBUILDs that
> wouldn't otherwise build on ARM. I'd probably consider targeting i486 or
> i586 instead to include more old hardware. i686 misses the fanciest
> features anyway.
> So these are my 5 cents. I keep an eye on the mailing list and will try
> to reply in timely manner to any questions.
> Bartłomiej
> [1] http://github.com/archlinuxarm
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