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Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 17:00:50 UTC 2017

Hello there,

Le 29/01/2017 à 21:06, Félix a écrit :
> Hello list,
> Le 29 janv. 2017 à 18:35, Nick Koskinas <nick at discloud.eu> a écrit :
>> We could start by creating an organisation on GitHub or any other git
>> platform so we can maintain the PKGBUILDs as ArchLinuxARM is doing [1].
>> We also would need computational power to compile the packages, a server
>> to act as a repo and a server for the web-site.
> I absolutely don't know how everything will be organized, but maybe it would be
> simpler to maintain a set of patches relative to Arch dev's PKGBUILDs ?
> By the way, if it can help, I can offer several self-hosted i686 machines.
> I still don't see if this will be closer to a fork of Arch or a semi-official
> community-maintained branch of Arch. Could an Arch dev clarify this point ?

Not a dev, so this might not be perfectly accurate, but I think the plan
was to have the community write the tools (under devs mentorship) needed
to automate building and packaging of software for i686 and then publish
them in a main repo copy targeting only i686, while still having it in
the current web interface, only stating i686 as a community supported
architecture (as opposed to x86_64 remaining then the only supported

I think that some devs should be joining the discussion here soon, they
were at least two interested in mentoring the project.


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