[arch-ports] Arch Linux 32 Project Updates

Roelf "rewbycraft" Wichertjes mailings+arch-ports at roelf.org
Sun Jul 2 17:35:18 UTC 2017

Hello all,

Due to some unfortunate network issues on my part, 
archlinux32.mirror.roelf.org was several hours late on synchronising 
with the master mirror and did not get the ISOs until a few minutes ago.

However, the ISOs are now also available at 
https://archlinux32.mirror.roelf.org/archisos/ (EU/France)

On 07/02/2017 06:52 PM, Tyler Dence wrote:
> Hey all,
> If you haven't been following along in IRC for the last few weeks, we have
> had several advances in the Arch Linux 32 project:
> - The addition of a forum, https://bbs.archlinux32.org/
> - A news page (with atom feed), https://news.archlinux32.org/
> - We have started building the -i686 and -dual installation isos from the
> archlinux32 repo
> - Able to boot a system installed from the archlinux32 repo
> In addition, we have several ongoing projects, with varying stages of
> completeness:
> - Automated package build system
> - Automated testing infrastructure
> - Core infrastructure backup solution
> - Geographicaly spread out mirrors - we have EU covered pretty well, and
> one mirror in the US
> In addition, the July archlinux32 isos are now available from our mirrors:
> https://mirror.archlinux32.org/archisos/ (Master Mirror, EU/Germany)
> http://32.arlm.tyzoid.com/archisos/ (North America/United States)
> Let us know if anyone encounters issues, or hop on IRC/reply if you'd like
> to get involved with the ongoing projects.
> And as always, IRC logs are available on the mirrors as well:
> https://mirror.archlinux32.org/irc-logs/
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