[arch-ports] Booting i686 iso in VirtualBox

Mr Seth Price ssterling at firemail.cc
Sat Jun 10 16:25:27 UTC 2017

Is EFI enabled in the settings?  I had a similar issue on my XPS 8700 till I enabled legacy BIOS.  Beats me as to why, though.
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I'm starting to do some testing of the 32bit mirrors/installation media,
but I can't seem to get the 32bit iso booting correctly.

Since I can't copy/paste the error from virtualbox, here is a screenshot of
the kernel panic: http://i.imgur.com/AkmbpV0.png

I'll have another go with the dual-architecture install media, and I do
have some 32bit boxes I will try installing this on, but haven't had a
chance to do more extensive testing. I'm wondering if others are having
this problem on their systems/physical devices.

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