[arch-ports] Booting i686 iso in VirtualBox

Erich Eckner arch at eckner.net
Tue Jun 13 05:17:14 UTC 2017


> Sweet, thanks. I got your IRC message (though I was afk when you sent it),
> and I tested the archlinux-2017.06.12-i686.iso image, which also segfaults
> when starting up. Let me know if testing this on actual physical hardware
> would be helpful for your debugging process.

Hmm, this is strange: Now it's exactly the same build script on the same
machine as for the may iso :-/
I'm absolutely clueless what's wrong ... On the other hand, a segfault
would be a little harsh for a wrongly composed set of packages ... maybe
it's some conflict between the new kernel and the vm? :-/

>> You're already using the new mirror, aren't you? In that case, you need
>> to install archlinux32-keyring first on the installation medium (!).
> Ah, I had thought archlinux-keyring would have been enough. It works after
> installing the archlinux32-keyring, but it seems to need to be installed
> manually via pacman -U. Pacman thinks that the package is corrupt unless
> the package is installed, bit of a catch-22.

Its similar to archlinuxarm: There is the original archlinux-keyring
package as well as a archlinux32-keyring (or archlinuxarm-keyring in the
case of archlinuxarm). In the end, it will be a pacman dependency (in
contrast to archlinuxarm!?), so nothing to bother about - but the
current isos still use the official pacman package, so it needs to be
installed explicitely.

> Here's a video documenting the my install process (using the
> archlinux-2017.05.01-i686.iso image): https://youtu.be/LEPKi9vGKK8

This looks as I expect.


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