[arch-ports] dual-iso

Tomislav Butkovic tomislav.butkovic at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 14:24:43 UTC 2017

There are people who havent purchased x86_64 systems yet, so i686 only iso
that fits on cd is appealing. If we wanted x86_64 iso we could just go to
archlinux.org, right?

Ive been running arch on an acer O751h since 2013. The wiki documentation
has always been a crucial part to learning the distro. I hope that
continues w the port.


Le samedi 25 mars 2017, Alex Theotokatos <alex.theoto at gmail.com> a écrit :
> On 03/25/2017 12:36 PM, Erich Eckner wrote:
>> Hi i686-fans,
>> to not loose any potential new i686-users, I moved on by forking archiso
>> and generating a current dual-bootable iso. Currently it resides at
>> https://eckner.net/archlinux-2017.03.25-dual.iso, but maybe somewhen in
>> the future we can move it to some more official place ;-)
>> The source of archiso32 resides at github:
>> I stumbled upon one question:
>> Is it desirable to have the iso dual bootable (i686 and x86_64) or do we
>> want a solely i686-iso?
>> The benefit of a i686-only-iso would be, that it'd fit on a cd. The
>> benefit of a dual-bootable one would be, that we could use archiso32 as
>> it is right now and that you can boot any machine (32 or 64 bits) with
>> this - obviously.
>> Any comments are appreciated.
>> regards,
>> Erich
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> I think it is better to add the link at http://archlinux32.org/
> And I'll prefer the dual architecture but many old computers doesn't boot
from usb and burning dvd for ~800mb sounds like wasting a dvd disk.
> Maybe a dual netboot might me an option.
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