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Tyzoid D tyzoid.d at gmail.com
Mon May 1 17:50:08 UTC 2017

Mainline mirrors are manually added/removed, the scoring happens
automatically based on uptime, latency, and mean lag time from the master
repo. There may be other factors I'm not aware of, but Florian (bluewind)
handles most things manually.

I personally disagree with the localized subdomains for two main reasons:
1. Legitimacy. Having the mirror as a subdomain makes those mirrors seem
endorsed or official, when in fact, are run by third parties.
2. Reliability/Responsiveness. I see two distinct possibilities:
    a. Regional hub mirror goes down, now people need to search for another
mirror/face annoying pacman errors.
    b. DNS Round Robin, which world reduce downtime errors, but adds the
problem that servers may have different access times depending on the

I think that the way this is handled by the official archlinux project is
the most sane way to do this, as it puts the control in the hands of the
end users instead of mirror operators and remote sysadmins.

If offered in addition for convenience, I think this may be useful, but I'd
argue that the decision to use these aliases should be up to the user.

On May 1, 2017 13:32, "Erich Eckner" <arch at eckner.net> wrote:

Hi all,

I set up read-only access via rsync to the package master server which
so far only holds the isos and the irc logs (but soon, hopefully some
packages too). You can reach it at


It would be nice to drop me a short note if you plan to set up a mirror,
so I can add it to the mirror list - or you just open a pull request on

Two other thoughts regarding mirrors:
1. Maybe (at some point) it's worth to automate the addition and
deletion of mirrors. I'm not sure how far archweb does this
automatically, but my first attempt to get it running was not really
successful - maybe someone else want's to try it?
2. Personally, I like the approach of archlinuxarm with localized
mirrors: de.mirror.archlinuxarm.org, de2.mirror.archlinuxarm.org,
fr.archlinuxarm.org, ...
Maybe we should do it in a similar way?

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