[arch-ports] Main achlinux23.org site

Polichronucci polichronucci at archlinux32.org
Fri Apr 10 23:10:50 UTC 2020

Hello list,

  we had to move the VM that the archlinux32.org main site runs on to new
hardware nodes. Sadly I was responsible to inform the list but I never got
around to it, sorry about that.
  By moving the VM we had to change IPs, but we are also able to acquire
more resources now. The VM now runs on nodes with 20Gbit uplink, the
storage sits on a ceph cluster and the CPU clock of the nodes hits 3GHz at
  Things should be back online now.

polichronucci at archlinux32.org
GPG: 0x7E8A06A6C80574E4

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