[arch-ports] Dbus related question

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Fri Jan 24 19:04:39 UTC 2020

Dear specialists,
If I Am sending this plea to The wrong mailing list, please confirm Me The
better mailng list for my question.

I Am visually impaired and light vight modern mobile phones and tablet with
ANdroid have attracted Me. Why? Because I have wanted to use Linux
applications with them.
Which obstacle I Am observing related to Arch Linux?
Dbus. Would somebody of you would tell Me whi Arch Linux contain variant of
DBUS, which do not allow users to use apps which requires it from Arch
environment? I Am using Android 8.0, Proot and Termux and The following
profesionally programmed script.


I Am helpless to use DBUS. Does some body of you know about technique, which
would allow Me to use Dbus even from chroot? Or C programmers od DBUS have
developed up to date version of DBUS by The way, which really prevent users
to use it from chroot?
Or is it other way how to prepare Arch Linux for Termux which would allow Me
to run apps which require DBUS?
My phone is not rooted. I Am running ARM64 Bit architecture. Android from 11
month of 2019 year. 
And if I have visited wrong mailing list, I AM very very sorry that I have
intruded you here. I hope, that somebody kind will direct Me at The right
place if it will be needed.
Thank you very very much for yours time which you have invested while you
have read my plea.
With deepest appreciation and with The polite regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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