[arch-ports] New IPs for gr.mirror

Erich Eckner arch at eckner.net
Thu Oct 29 06:15:12 UTC 2020

On Thu, 29 Oct 2020, Polichronucci wrote:

> Hello list,

Hi Polichronucci,

>  I changed hosting platforms for the VM hosting the mirror, so I now have
> new IPs. I would like you to change the DNS records to point to the new
> IPs please.
> IPv4:
> IPv6: 2001:648:2ffc:1116:a800:ff:fea9:2a63
> Please notify me as soon as you make the change. I will leave the old VM
> running for a few more days in order for the DNS TTLs to expire.

I changed the records, it may take upto 1h (TTL) for them to propagate to 
all slaves, though.


P.S.: It would be great, if you could sign emails which contain such 
invasive requests by one of your gpg keys :-)

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