[arch-proaudio] limits.conf for jack

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Wed Dec 27 16:10:00 UTC 2017


On Wed, 27 Dec 2017 16:25:20 +0100, David Runge wrote:
>So there (hopefully) really is  not much of a reason to rant about it.

In compensation for my Linux audio rant, I'll describe an issue
I'm experiencing with the restricted iOS.

To free space I removed data that already is backed up and apps I don't
need with data that doesn't require a backup. However, there was one
exception, I once made a session with an amp simulation app. It wasn't
important that time, but yesterday I discovered that I like the sound
as well as the music I made for testing purpose. However, I decided to
remove several amp simulation apps and by accident I deleted this
particular app and so the recording, too. I seemingly never made a
backup via the file sharing option.

At the moment I scanne the iOS device with free as in beer file recovery
software, before that I already scanned with a 30 days free trial
software, for no avail. Later I perhaps will restore iTunes in a Windows
VM from a VM snapshot and then scann the iTunes backup, too.

When using Linux data recovery seems to be easier to do and it's for
free as in beer, let alone that I regularly back up _all installs_ and
_all data_, since it's not nearly as complicated as saving data by
iTunes file sharing to a drive and then making a backup to an external
drive. I doubt that the VM snapshot to an older iTunes backup (sync),
that has nothing to do with the file sharing option, provides data from
a deleted and now reinstalled app, since this data much likely requires
usage of the file sharing option to backup the data.

In my experiences pro-audio for Apple has got a lot of advantages over
Linux pro-audio ... as long as nothing goes wrong. There seldom happen
issues, but once a problem arises, it at least for me is much more of
an issue, than a similar issue happening for a Linux install.

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