[arch-proaudio] ardour buildscript

Joakim Hernberg jhernberg at alchemy.lu
Wed Dec 27 19:40:12 UTC 2017

I built Ardour 5.12 the other day and came up with some
inconsistencies, so I asked rgareus one of the devs for advice.  He
gave me the following:

1. sed -i 's/python ${SRC}/python2 ${SRC}/' libs/pbd/wscript is not
needed this has been fixed in the source a long time.  The only thing
we have to do is to run python2 waf configure as the script already

2. configure it like this:
        configure --prefix=/usr --configdir=/etc
                        --with-backends="jack,alsa,dummy" \
                        --libjack=weak \
                        --optimize \
                        --cxx11 \
                        --ptformat \

He said there is no need to build the documentation on the users
machine.  Add the dummy backend which improves on functionality.
Optionally add the experimental --ptformat option which gives initial
support for opening pro tools session in ardour.  This is a work in
progress but they have understood the XOR based encryption and are in
the process of clean room reverse engineering the format. 



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