[arch-proaudio] MIDI guitar

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Apr 14 20:03:55 UTC 2018

On Sun, 25 Mar 2018 15:55:01 +0200, SpotlightKid wrote:
>I've got a Fishman TriplePlay, which works very well (I use it with
>Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM), but it also has got that "Borg thingy" going
>on. The USB Wifi dongle shows up as a class compliant MIDI device, so
>it works well under Linux too. Obviously all the software that comes
>with it, is useless there.

Hi Chris and all,

I bought a Roland GR-55 and put the Roland GK-3 in revers position with
this Borg thingy on my 80's pimped out Ibanez Blazer. Tracking is
perfect! Unfortunately I had to do some irreversible changes, since the
action of my pimped out Ibanez Blazer is that low, that the stings seat
on the hex PU without doing irreversible changes. At the moment I fix
some visual issues, so the wood glue still needs to dry, but I already
tested it it, after I mounted the PU, before I started fixing the visual

In addition I ordered a Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder FR S and a
GK-KIT-GT3 for testing purpose. I like this guitar a lot, even while
I'm not used to the guitar's neck and it's default hybrid string set.
The factory's action and factory's octave's adjustment is perfect,
assuming you stay with the default strings, at a standard tuning at
440 Hz. It would be possible to mount a Roland GK-3 without irreversible
changes. However, I didn't mount a hex PU, but will send back the
Schecter and the GK-KIT-GT3 to my dealer, for assembling it. While the
Schecter much likely is the electric guitar with the best
value-for-money ratio ever, the coasts for assembling the electronic
undoes it. OTOH it's the only way to avoid the Borg thingy. Btw. I'm
not that much annoyed by this Borg thingy. I dislike the external cable
from the hex PU to the Borg thingy.


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