[arch-proaudio] MIDI guitar

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Apr 15 18:16:39 UTC 2018

On Sun, 15 Apr 2018 19:27:13 +0200, SpotlightKid wrote:
>Anyway, back on topic, I'd like to transfer my Fishman triple play hex
>pickup to my Variax guitar, since it is a kind of cyborg guitar already
>:) but I would have to do some modifications to the pickguard for that.
>For my the USB-MIDI onyl conenction is not an issue, since I only play
>at home anyway. If I ever need to connect it to a DIN-MIDI only device
>directly, I'll just use a raspberry pi as the MIDI router.
>Cheers, Chris
>P.S. Maybe we should transfer this topic to the general linux audio
>mailing list?

Hi Chris :)

there are Godin guitars with a hex piezo that could be used for Roland
guitar synths, but those piezos seem to be less reliable for MIDI
usage. Playing a Variax guitar with a hex piezo for modelling + a
Fishman PU for MIDI usage seems to be ok, since you seemingly
established one after the other, so you didn't pay for all at once. I
suspect (or should I say I "hope"?;) that if we are able to pay for all
of that at once, that the way I choose is a little bit better, since
the Roland GR-55 provides both in one, modelling + perfect guitar synth
tracking. Actually I only played the Roland synth directly, I didn't
use MIDI out to e.g. play Linux's Yoshimi, or e.g. my Oberheim
Matrix-1000 or e.g. my iPad's Sample Tank. I also had no time to really
test the modelling skills of the Roland GR-55, but a briefly ten
minutes tests surprised me. I dislike Guitarix and Co., but the Roland
GR-55 modelling seems to to run a different race.

It's an interesting topic. Perhaps we need to continue off-list, but I
would like to keep in touch with you, to share all the pros and cons we
experience by using our different ways of modelling and MIDI guitar


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