[arch-proaudio] Linuxsampler/Gigedit broken?

Mark Raynsford list+org.archlinux.proaudio at io7m.com
Mon Feb 19 16:12:03 UTC 2018


Can anyone verify that the most recent linuxsampler and gigedit
packages actually work in combination? It seems like none of the
frontends (qsampler, jsampler) are no longer capable of launching
gigedit to edit patches.

Linuxsampler itself appears to work in that you can load .gig files and
play samples from them, and Gigedit works standalone in that you can
open .gig files from the command line and make changes. However, if you
try to get one of the frontends to launch Gigedit:

16:09:21.076 Channel 0 lscp_edit_channel_instrument: There is no instrument editor capable to handle this instrument (errno=100)
There is no instrument editor capable to handle this instrument
16:09:21.080 Channel 0 Could not launch an appropriate instrument editor for the given instrument! Make sure you have an appropriate instrument editor like 'gigedit' installed and that it placed its mandatory DLL file into the sampler's plugin directory.

I've tried straceing the process to see if there's anything obvious
happening like a failed exec() call, but I can't see anything.

There's a topic on the Linuxsampler forum:


I don't know if this is a Linuxsampler problem or an Arch problem.

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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